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Just a picture

2011-03-05 20:01:10 by YoshiWar4

no reason

Just a picture

I signed up here a long time ago, and well, I had fun here. But now, I've got really no reason to be on here anymore. I've changed alot. I don't even like Yoshi anymore. I had some cool friends here, so thanks to everyone. I'll drop in everyonce in while, but I won't be on alot I like I use too. So to everyone that was my friend (and bothered even talking with me :3 ), thanks alot. Hope y'all have fun. So...yeah.

Well, if ya got anything to say, feel free...and, well, goodbye guys. :D


2009-07-25 10:31:24 by YoshiWar4

New art. Check it out sometime.

Turns out..

2009-07-24 17:43:44 by YoshiWar4

my older brother got Saints Row 2. I tried it. It's really fun with all the weapons and cheats.


2009-07-21 18:08:37 by YoshiWar4

I gave my friend my old account. He's made the account real different. Eh, he can do whatever he wants with it. Here's the account.


2009-07-19 18:33:28 by YoshiWar4

MarioMaster posted a picture of a human Sonic, so I thought "Why don't I try it?" Check it out in the art portal.

Here's a picture of Human Shadow


New Picture :D

2009-07-12 22:41:40 by YoshiWar4

I tried scanning it with my webcam this time. See how it looks!

HOLY $#%*!!!!!!

2009-07-07 12:13:34 by YoshiWar4


Might wanna check it out sometime. It was something I did while I was bored.

Check out the new banner.

2009-06-12 21:55:49 by YoshiWar4

Well, what do you think?